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The teacher is the most important factor in civilization.

A.             Sunday School Teacher’s work is of Eternal Consequence
Every teacher of the word of God must understand that the teaching of God’s words or work has eternal consequence. The teaching of God’s Word to immoral beings is fraught with eternal consequences.
      Suppose it is done carelessly?
      Suppose it is of high quality but reaches only a fraction of those who should be taught.
      Suppose it fails to carry over into life for those who attend?
The teachers who honestly consider such questions as these cannot fail in this incomparably important work.
-                  What Teaching Is:- Almost every waking moment of our lives we are hearing, seeing, feeling things that make impressions upon our inner consciousness.
a.     that set new lines of thought
b.    that stir new emotions
c.     that bring new experiences – all of which cause us to learn even though is without direction or purpose
d.    Teaching is guiding the learning of others. (direct and purpose)
In religious education is placed on directing the changes, in the lives of people, towards certain outcome.
     There are three essential elements of teaching:
1.     someone to teach
2.     someone to be taught
3.     something to be taught

B.             Room for Improvement
There is always room for improvement because teacher’s need of self-improvement is limitless. “This book of instruction must not depart from your mouth; you are to recite it day and night, so that you may carefully observe everything written in it. For then you will prosper and succeed in whatever you do” Josh 1:8.
 “Do not neglect the gift that is in you; it was given to you through prophecy, with the laying on of hands by the council of elders.
15 Practice these things; be committed to them, so that your progress (IMPROVEMENT) may be evident to all.
16 Be conscientious about yourself and your teaching; persevere in these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and your hearers.  1 Tim 4:14-16.

-                  Growth in Bible knowledge should be continuous. “Like newborn infants, desire the unadulterated spiritual milk, so that you may grow by it in [your] salvation 1 Peter 2:2.
-           But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head—Christ.” Eph 4:15
-                  The teacher can never exhaust the possibilities of knowing those whom he would teach.
-                  Improvement in preparation for teaching should be amending.
-                  No one ever achieves perfection in method of teaching.
-                  Better results require better way of testing.
-                  The teacher need more than what is written in the Sunday School Booklet.
-                  At every point the sincere teacher face the insistent need for improvement.

C.             Price of Improvement
The teacher must be ready to pay the price of improvement. This Seminar assumes earnest desire for improvement and willingness to pay the price in prayer, self-examination, study, experimentation, work.
-                  Teaching is both an art and a science
-           Improvement does not come without practice based upon rested principles.  “We have a great deal to say about this, and it’s difficult to explain, since you have become slow to understand.
12 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of God’s revelation. You need milk, not solid food.
13 Now everyone who lives on milk is inexperienced with the message about righteousness, because he is an infant.
14 But solid food is for the mature—for those whose senses have been trained to distinguish between good and evil. Heb 5:11-14
-                  The only hopeless teacher is the one who feels no need of improvement,
-         Or who is unwilling to change even though convinced of the need.  “As for you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands the intention of every thought. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever” 1 Chron 28:9

2.               DEMAND FOR IMPROVEMENT:  The demand for improvement will be varied.  In a typical Sunday school there will be teachers in various stages of development.
-                  Some are beginners, having just entered upon their teaching careers.
-                  Others have had a considerable period of experience, while a few have been teaching for many years.
-                  Again, there are some who have had little or no background of study and training in the field of teaching.
-                  In any category we may belong to, with our willingness, commitment, determination, we can get to God’s standard of teaching.

3.               DEMAND VIEWED FROM THE DIVINE SIDE : God’s redemptive purpose must be made known. He has entrusted the revelation of that purpose to men and women who will make it known to others.  Our chief means of carrying out the divine purpose is through teaching.
-                  Our God given mission calls for teaching at its best
-                  Christ’s Great Commission must be obeyed – Matt 28:18-20
-                  Nothing less than teaching at is best will satisfy this demand
-                  Holy Spirit’s guidance must be followed.
-                  He opens our minds to receive and understand the scriptures which we are in teach.
-                  Remember also that, teaching involves relationship between teacher and pupils.

4.               SELF IMPROVEMENT: Better teaching requires better teachers, which means it begin with self improvement.
i.                Primary Concern of Christ.
-                  With utmost care Jesus selected the dozen men whom He called first to be disciples or learner, and then trained to be teachers and preachers.
-                  He chose and taught them for what they might become rather than for what they then were.
-                  He taught them to be right kind of men needed for the task.
-                  The teacher who would measure up to the call of Christ must first look within. “WHAT SORT OF PERSON AM I?”
-                  How can I improve myself?
-                  The principal need of improvement may be physical – better health,
-                  Greater nervous stability,
-                  Perhaps the lack is mental – insufficient education, inadequater Bible background
-                  Imperfect understanding of teaching methods and skills.
-                  Possibly the deficiency is social – inability to get along happily with people
-                  Shyness before a class,
-                  Lack of love, unconcern for souls.
-                  Or there are moral and spiritual handicaps – selfishness, carelessness, worldliness, laziness, pride, prayerlessness, discontent, doubt, and other barriers to genuine spirituality.

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