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He did not even spare His own Son, but offered Him up for us all; how will He not also with Him grant us everything? Romans 8:32. This Bible verse is in two sides. It tells us how great the love of God for us is and also how committed God is to His word. For God to proof His righteousness concerning judgment over sin, He has to allow His Begotten Son to die for the wages of sin, our sins. Brethren over there, God does not joke with His Word. The Bible says “…………not a dot of His word will go unfulfilled. This is food for thought for the wise.


I believe strongly that we the ministers of the Gospel have great works to do concerning the brethren and their lives and the reason is that many brethren believes their pastors, prophets than even God or His Words (Holy Bible). The brethren believes in any interpretation we gives to the Word of God. May I ask Pastors and brethren over there two questions: Does the word of Holiness permits jewelleries, make-up, hair attachments? Does the biblical message of Grace permits us to live the way we likes?. Please let everybody give it a thought and also to go to the Holy Bible if really you want to make Heaven. It is very urgent. Holy Spirit will helps us all in Jesus Name, Amen.
A Need for Daily Victory
Psalm 68:1-3

Day by day we are faced with struggles. And because of these struggles we are in need of daily victories. The last time I preached the enemy was revealed and we found out that Satan has heavenly attributes but because of his self infatuation he was kicked out of heaven and since then he is going around as a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. So today I want to talk about how important it is to have a need for daily victories. As believers in Christ we have three main enemies in life. They are constantly present to harass us, create conflict for us and generate trouble for us. We need to understand that we cannot escape any of them completely as long as we are alive but we are assured victory over them as long as we rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for our wisdom, power and ability to endure. We have three enemies- the world, the flesh and the devil. And every single day we are faced with all of them and our best recourse is to learn …
Acts of God If God is good, why does he allow so much pain in the world? Acts of God lays this subject bare as seven hurting souls are brought together through the tragic death of a child. Acts of God offers insight and hope as it explores how, in the face of personal pain or the suffering of those we love, we can trust in the Lord at all times.
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